Missing you.

My life is better because I had my Nana in it. Tuesday I lost her. But, to be honest, these last years of her life have been hard. Health problems, family issues, and a type of dementia/Alzheimer’s left her with a more difficult than normal end of life. She didn’t deserve that, but my Nana … Continue reading

Dear Winter in Minnesota,

18 years ago (18 years ago!) I came to Minnesota for a little Um Ya Ya, and one of the bets I had with my Colorado friends was to see if, after swim practice (or whatever) I could get my hair so wet and so cold that it broke. Now, although I didn’t achieve that … Continue reading

little miss three year old.

Dearest Autumn, My dear, stubborn, funny, goofy, spunky daughter is 3 today. Yes, 3! Where has the time gone! It feels like yesterday that I got the call to come and meet you. Three years and you are more of a marvel every single day. We love you more, cherish you more and realize how … Continue reading

Oh, the holidays…

Kyle noted after writing the last two blogs (which, yes, were quite depressing) I needed to end the year on a much lighter note. I figured, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that I would happily sit down and write one once school ended and Christmas has passed. Little did I know … Continue reading

Young life lost.

Today I got a sad call from a good friend who still works at my old school. A student I had just a short few years ago was killed in a car crash on her way to school this morning. Old co-workers and students are devastated, and upon hearing the news I was just sort … Continue reading

I miss my pup.

It’s been over 6 months, and I miss my pup every day. Over 6 months ago he comforted me, All. The. Time. Over 6 months ago he slept in Inu’s “lap.” And played with him. And loved him. Over 6 months ago he gave joy to my children, and I probably watched him chase a … Continue reading

Riv-man’s Superpowers.

So… I missed yesterday. Doh! I’ll try and make it up today. Sort of. River wrote this one. He wanted me to write down all of his superpowers. So I did. Wish I inherited (some of) these: 1. I can make a birthday cake in a second. 2 I have x-Ray vision. 3. And I … Continue reading


For many years now we have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of friends who put on a “friends thanksgiving” every year a week or 2 before the actual thanksgiving. It is a wonderful tradition. As a family who has no “distant” family close by, it is nice to have something … Continue reading

The spice of life…

I’m going to bed. but before I do I want to say that we started the day with “kid president” shows and many repeats of, “what does the fox say” and ended it with a trip to see Cinderella (the play) and some Thai food. It’s a day of good variety and a little spice. … Continue reading

her own kind of beautiful.

Every day I get an email from one of my favorite sites, blogher.com. This morning, during a short reprieve of talking about President Thomas Jefferson and the start of WWII, I sat down and looked at my email and opened up an article titled, “Damn you, Barbie!”. Little did I know that this article would … Continue reading