Meadow, Part 1.

Meadow Rayne Carson, born July 5 at 10:39pm at 7lbs 3 oz by Mama N in San Antonio, Texas. Meadow entered into our family on July 7th almost exactly 48 hours after she was born. So, what in the world happened? Well, you’ll get the general jist if you read my previous blog here, but … Continue reading


Remember this? We thought we were done with having more children. HA! You wanna know what happened? Kyle and I spent a long weekend in Mexico without children. We missed them dearly and had wonderful conversations about where our life has led us these past ten years of marriage. It was so nice and relaxing … Continue reading

The boy who made me a mom.

This boy. River, time is going SO FAST. You just keep growing and becoming such a PERSON. Watching my oldest (you) get so much bigger and independent reminds me of my own mortality, and how short of a time I have to make a difference in your life. I hope I make a positive one- … Continue reading

lazy mornings and sun kissed days

I guess after writing my dissertation I’ve wanted a true and utter break from writing. Or, most likely, I’ve become quite the lazy person. I think it’s the latter. I mean, my kids are now at an age where I can SLEEP IN. On weekend mornings, (and now summer mornings) they get up (River can … Continue reading

Missing you.

My life is better because I had my Nana in it. Tuesday I lost her. But, to be honest, these last years of her life have been hard. Health problems, family issues, and a type of dementia/Alzheimer’s left her with a more difficult than normal end of life. She didn’t deserve that, but my Nana … Continue reading

Dear Winter in Minnesota,

18 years ago (18 years ago!) I came to Minnesota for a little Um Ya Ya, and one of the bets I had with my Colorado friends was to see if, after swim practice (or whatever) I could get my hair so wet and so cold that it broke. Now, although I didn’t achieve that … Continue reading

little miss three year old.

Dearest Autumn, My dear, stubborn, funny, goofy, spunky daughter is 3 today. Yes, 3! Where has the time gone! It feels like yesterday that I got the call to come and meet you. Three years and you are more of a marvel every single day. We love you more, cherish you more and realize how … Continue reading

Oh, the holidays…

Kyle noted after writing the last two blogs (which, yes, were quite depressing) I needed to end the year on a much lighter note. I figured, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that I would happily sit down and write one once school ended and Christmas has passed. Little did I know … Continue reading

Young life lost.

Today I got a sad call from a good friend who still works at my old school. A student I had just a short few years ago was killed in a car crash on her way to school this morning. Old co-workers and students are devastated, and upon hearing the news I was just sort … Continue reading