Stretching and Gross Stuff

Well another wonderful weekend comes to an end and the closer I am to the halfway mark (20 weeks). Lately, there have been lots of interesting things going on and within my body. The better of the 2 is the stretching of the belly. It’s amazing how it truly feels like someone took a good sized nerf ball and stuffed it into my stomach sometime when I was sleeping. The skin is truly showing it ability to elasticize in ways I never knew before. As you can see on the picture below, at 19 weeks, my belly sure has grown since 4 weeks ago! (Hopefully it IS the baby and not my growing need for chicken fingers:))

The other thing that is happening to my sad and depressed immune system is the appearance and non-stop growth of ringworm. NO- ringworm is not a worm holed up in my body, but a fungus, just like athlete’s foot. Still gross I know. No matter the amount of anti-fungal cream I put on my body (my torso is where it is currently having it’s raging party) it just seems to want to spread.
Off to the dermatologist I go I guess, and hopefully they can put a stop to it before it decides to eat me whole.

Well, keep posted. There will be some posts very soon, considering that on Thursday we are having an ultrasound that will tell ALL (hopefully!)
Thanks for reading!

19 Weeks


2 thoughts on “Stretching and Gross Stuff

  1. This blog is a great idea. Even though we’re only blocks away from you guys (and I run into Kyle frequently), our ability to connect is lacking….

    You look great! Can’t believe you are half-way! We look forward to hearing the U/S results. My guess is boy.


  2. Erin,

    I love this blog!!! It makes me feel closer to you guys and all that is going on. I can’t wait until Thursday…so ‘cited to find out.:)
    I’m sorry about the nasty bout with ringworm. I hope it can be cleared up soon. Gotta stay away from those students of yours. No more group hugs!!! I guess you’ll need a big bottle of Purell.
    Love all 3 of you,

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