Family, Friends and Mountains

It was a great weekend.

As Kyle was working hard on the babies room and the house in general, I spent a weekend relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends in my beautiful home state of Colorado. (Yes, I know I am spoiled:)) On Saturday and Sunday, the baby and I took some trips to Craig hospital to see Joel where we were able to break him out and get a good lunch and take a nice walk. (Gotta love 60 degree days after so many sub-zero ones!) It was wonderful spending time with such a good friend, but also hard to see him struggle. He sure has taught me a lot these last few months (not that he wanted to) and given me a new appreciation for life. If I had my way Joel, you would never have taught me all these things, but I am so thankful for your positive outlook. You give life a new and optimistic meaning. Thanks.

Otherwise time with my fam was great. Probably the highlight of the weekend with my amazing mother and father came in the middle of church and Pastor Mark’s sermon. (He was the great guy who married Kyle and I). As Mark was talking about meaningful communication with God through sermons and other situations, the baby started kicking like never before! So since it kept kicking in the same spot, I quickly grabbed my mom’s hand and rested it on the spot where the baby was, and lo and behold, it kept going at it (which is rare at such an early stage!) Then, since it kept going, I grabbed my dad’s hand and he felt it too. It was pretty fun. I then told Pastor Mark about the amazing “communication” that was going on during his sermon, and he seemed pretty excited. Maybe this baby is a Lutheran at heart whether or not we bring him/her up that way. Or maybe it’s just an Ole at heart because it knew that we were singing “Beautiful Savior” later in the service. Either way it was pretty cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, with all the excitment I am looking forward to a pretty quiet week. Unfortunatly, Kyle is working late on a show every night, so I will be eating leftover chili and zoning in front of the TV when I am not studying. But before I go, I again have to say how lucky I feel to have such an amazing family and friends. This weekend spending time with my parents, brother, cousins, and friends in Colorado was so special. It was great to see everyone this weekend. I love you guys.


3 thoughts on “Family, Friends and Mountains

  1. What a blessing to be able to spend a wonderful weekend together, to be inspired by Joel’s progress at Craig, and then to experience new life during Mark’s sermon on “being inspired”…
    Who could ask for more? Thank you Erin & Kyle! ๐Ÿ™‚

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