The Baby Store Experience

Erin and i went to Babies-R-Us today to register for the upcoming baby shower. It’s always a surreal experience to go to a store and pick out objects you want other people to buy for you. It feels like a shopping spree, but you are constantly asking yourself “should someone else really be buying this for us, we don’t really need it?” For all that I’m about to say, i want to mention that it was, in fact, a fun day.

There are so many things needed to raise a baby! I wonder how my great grandparents did it on the farm without disposable medium flow silicon nipple feeding bottles, or an odor free diaper disposable bin.

I left the store with the most perplexed feeling. I’ve never seen a place so obsessed with safety and germs. At a recent trip to my grandparent’s house in Texas, my grandmother mentioned that my dad rode his bike across Wichita to visit a friend when he was around 10. Wichita is a big city. Today Grandma would have been arrested for child endangerment. It was obvious walking through those isles that fear sells. Blame for today’s cultural problems can be thrown everywhere; politicians, Overbearing mothers, Safety Regulatory Agencies, lawyers… But it was obvious today that the seed of the problem is us consumers. We are so gullible that we are willing to believe anything that is printed on the package. Put your baby’s bottle in the dishwasher? Oh no! You need to buy a bottle sanitizer! Breast feed? Oh no! You need to buy healthy iron fortified formula with LIPIL®!

In my opinion, if you want to see the dark side of a consumerist market driven society, stroll through a baby store.


P.S. Erin says that i’m being too negative. I did have a good day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Baby Store Experience

  1. Really funny entry Kyle. I know how you feel. Sometimes there is just TOO MUCH stuff out there. You turned out pretty good on the cheap. Dad slept in a motel dresser drawer while Grandpa traveled in his job and Grandma went with him….no mini-cribs or play pens for him.;) I think the older your old Mom gets the less stuff she wants…who likes to dust that stuff anyway????? I’m glad you both had a good time shopping. It IS fun to prepare for the most wonderful addition to your home. Enjoy every minute of it. We’re so proud of you both. Much love from us to you both. Enu too.

  2. And when was the last time that a female didn’t think a male was being negative?

    just a thought….

    Miss you guys tons!!! Thought about you when a little Yorkie Terrier named Inu checked into my work today!

  3. I think it’s great (and funny) to keep some perspective, Kyle. The baby-industry is secon-only to the scammy wedding-industry in terms of the amount of crap they try to sell, and the profit to be made. Of course, that’s coming from a non-parent. Just wait–if Rich and I every have children, I’ll probably end up buying out Babies R Us, and wrapping them in bubble wrap to try to protect them from everything!

  4. Hey There Kyle and Erin,
    Nice to see your tummy growing. The time goes by so slowly some days and so quickly others. Enjoy it all!
    We have a new grand doggy. Andy adopted in Durango. He weighs in at about 90pounds and his name is Buster he looks like a big black lab but a mix of golden retriever and Bull Mastiff. He has already been neuterd much to your fathers (Ron) chagrin. I am sure you – Erin are looking forward to spring break. Sorry Kyle – I hear you have a lot of work at school. Miss you two and a half. When you went to Babies R us did you get a registry #? Best as Always and LOVE!

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