Non-alcoholic St. Patties Day

March 17th is a good day for an Irish-American girl named “Erin”. I always look forward to this day, for many reasons and one including the great Irish tradition of drinking beer to celebrate. But alas, today was a beerless day, which sucks only because St. Patricks day this year happens to lie on a Saturday. But with baby River (I think) growing brain cells in my tummy I dare to stay sober. Thankfully this is not something I mind at all… this lack of alcohol has got to help my brain cells as well, so I figure in the end this pregnancy thing is good for me! Anyway, tonight I will relax, watch a movie, and drink my fancy non-alcoholic beer my dear sweet husband searched long and hard for.

Happy St Patties day to you all… may you remember this beautiful Irish day as vividly as I have. 😉



One thought on “Non-alcoholic St. Patties Day

  1. Hey there Erin, & Kyle. Kind of quiet in Baby Blog Land. Hope Spring has sprung. Kyle I’m sure your out doing the spring clean-up and turning the soil over in your garden. Erin try not to work to hard. Remember to put your feet up and eat some bon bons. July will be here before yu know it.
    THinking of all of you. Happy Spring!

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