Support Groups

One more week until spring break. When you’re a teacher that excited anticipation for an upcoming break doesn’t stop when college ends! But, in the meantime, this last week is always tough especially for those of us who are carrying around more than one person.
As you can see from the picture below, I have been blessed to have my own little pregnancy support group at CMS. I never thought that having numerous pregnant ladies around at work would be so nice! Even though we see each other rarely, passing by them in the hallway and exchanging an understanding “hello” has been comforting. Even better are the helpful discussions about names, weekly feelings, and baby registries. I am so thankful for their kind words and understanding thoughts, the year wouldn’t have been as easy without them.
This opportunity that I have been given has made me think of support groups and how special they really are. To be able to talk with and relate to a group of people for any reason gives us humans the encouragement that we seem to really need to go forward. Knowing that I will have coworkers that will discuss ‘kid’ issues with me in the future makes me excited to go back to school next year and share my stories, while they will share their stories with me.Thinking of support groups also brings my mind to my good friend Jenia Strom’s upcoming birth. (She is due this week with her first child.) Knowing that we will be able to bring our newborn babies together at such an early age, while being able to share our hardships gives me the encouragement to say ‘I can do this’. Crazy- I’m going to be a mom. Even with the many kicks I feel every day, it’s still hard to believe.
Thanks EVERYONE for your support out there, it means the world to me!

School Picture


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