Babies First Trip to Hawaii

This past week River and I have been lucky enough to come join his grandparents at their condo in Maui. Kyle was here last week since our spring breaks did not line up, but we overlapped one night so we were able tp spend just a little bit of “aloha” time together. It has been a wonderful trip so far relaxing with the fam with some beautiful Hawaii weather, walks and water time. The plane trip was more difficult than I had thought, since I like to consider myself a good traveler, but it was worth it. I am honestly not looking forward to going back to Minnesota, but so goes reality! Below are some pictures from the trip so far.

erin and kyle




One thought on “Babies First Trip to Hawaii

  1. Enjoy your time in Maui. It a beautiful place. It is such a great place to rejuvenate and see so many awesome sights. I was there many years ago I hope to get there soon and ride a handcycle all the way down the volcanco. Always thinking of you and your family. Happy Easter.

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