Large babies and fun pictures

Being almost (not quite) 29 weeks pregnant I went to the doctors for a check up. All was going well, good blood pressure, decent weight (it SUCKS seeing the scale go that high though!) quick talk about my umbilical hernia (very small one though- that is why my belly button is so large!) and then, she measured my belly. Basically, the way it works is that your belly is supposed to be the same amount of centimeters as the weeks you are along. So, for example, I’m just less than 29 weeks along, so my belly should be somewhere just less than 29 centemeters long top to bottom. Well, I was at 32. Yikes. She said that the plan is now that I am going to go for an ultrasound at around 34 weeks to see how big the baby is. All I could think of is how my mom had my brother on his due date and he was just under 10 lbs. If I have a wanna-be Colin in my belly- I better go early! πŸ™‚ Scary!

Other than that, Kyle and I went last night to a pregnancy photo shoot at a studio here in Northfield. I think the guy did a great job. I would LOVE your opinion on which pic you think is best, so if you get a chance, take a look at:

Stone Cottage Photography

and click on our link. No password needed. Beware there are some weird, artsy and cheesy ones, but all in all I think they’re pretty cool. Let me know what you like- and if you say the “egg” and “cowboy” ones I’m going to laugh at you next time I see you.


4 thoughts on “Large babies and fun pictures

  1. If I was fifteen I would be scared of what my sister was trying to showing me. Like “wow” – there was some real exposure there sis πŸ˜‰

    But then I guess that I am almost twenty-four and the pictures brought tears and smiles instead.

    you are awesome sister…

    colin πŸ™‚

  2. Our favorites are the ones where Kyle is either hugging your belly or poking your belly button!

    Love, Em and Brett

  3. umm…wow!!! there are like you said some pretty crazy ones in there (like the 500 lb erin shot…what a crazy angle) i like the ones of you and kyle in the black!!

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