a wonderful world?

The song I chose to dance to with my father at my wedding was “What a wonderful world” – pretty common and also beautiful at weddings. I chose this song because I felt that through my life, my family had given me a forever positive outlook. They showed me the beautiful things in the world through travel, friends, family and just plain old love. I was lucky.

As a teacher today, and especially by watching the news in recent days, I see how lucky I really was. There are so many people in the world who are not given any sort of positive outlook on life and only experience horrible and unimaginable lives. They see not the “disneyesque” world that I was so blessed to see (I am not in fantasy world THAT much, but I’m just trying to paint a picture:) ) but so many are brought up in a world of such hatred. How is it that this world can let that sort of hatred and unhappiness thrive in the lives of children and all people? It’s so unnerving for me to see so many innocent people die in war, shootings and sensless acts of violence that it makes me wonder what kind of world I am bringing this innocent and completly unknowing little boy into. How can I make sure that he is not a person to kill, or be killed in situations such as these? How can I be sure that he will be one that has a good heart, and no violent tendencies? How can I secure the fact that he will be one of the “good guys”? Hmmmm… I don’t think I can. Well, I’ll do my best and love him with all my heart- something every mother must hope is enough.

Sorry to be a downer. It’s just bringing a new life into such an unsure world can make you really think, and wonder what kinda future lies ahead.


3 thoughts on “a wonderful world?

  1. All we can do is love our children, give them lots of attention, and let them know that we care. If you do that, you’ll be a good parent, and things will be fine…

  2. I agree with Ron, Erin. It will be a wonderful world for you and Kyle. I truly appreciate the deep ‘caring’ that you shared with all of us. The world can seem quite ‘wobbly’ at times but you and Kyle have a wonderful life to look forward too because both of you are very caring and loving. River is very lucky to have you both. Me too.

  3. you have nothing to worry about, i have known you for quite some time and you always care about me and my life and that means a lot to me, imagine what its going to mean to your child. ever since i’ve known you erin you have always been kind and caring to everyone you know that is a great quality to have and you are the dictionary definition of kind and caring. i promise you that you and kyle will have no problems what so ever!!! but i agree what has this world come to when a child doesn’t feel love…thats not right.

    I love ya!!

    ps. june 10th my house, save the date if possible

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