Content in Colorado

My last jaunt of traveling brings me back to my homestate for a couple of baby showers. It was a quick and easy flight yesterday where everyone was SO nice to me. This pregnant thing really gives you attention from strangers! It’s almost like you should have some sort of fake pregnant belly when you travel and you’ll get treated like a queen! But no, I know that would be wrong. 🙂

Last night I had a wonderful shower get together with some amazing ladies (and my dad for a little while) from MAAD (my parents old company). They were so generous and nice, they have always made me feel like family! I guess in a way some of them are since they have known me since I was a little girl. It’s sad to know that soon both my parents are going to be retiring from the company, but it’s also nice to know what a wonderful community still thrives there. It’s such a special and loving place.

Today I have another shower at the Asmuth’s house. I am so excited to see the rest of my Colorado family! Really, after little River is born, we are going to need some more excuses for big parties cause they’re so much fun! The people here at home are just so special to me, and there’s something so calming when waking up to the quiet mountains every morning. Oh, such a nice place. I am so thankful that it, and the people will always be here for some relaxing and fun times. Boy, I’m lucky, and so is this kid!


One thought on “Content in Colorado

  1. Home is where the heart is, and our home is simply full of love when we are all together as a family. And now our family will grow, thanks to you and Kyle…

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