I want my mommy…

Okay, so the title of this one sounds like I’m 2, but this whole 3rd trimester emotional thing is really starting to get to me! I can’t watch the news anymore, and the other night in my doctorate class we watched “Apocolapse Now” (because it went along with a book we read by Joseph Conrad) and I came home a wreck! Poor Kyle, I never get to see him because this is his crazy time at work (which might also be a contributing factor to my crazyness) and he comes home to this blubbery mess. All I want to do sometimes now is curl up in a ball in my mom’s arms because she knows what I’m going through. Mom, please come and see me soon!! Sounds pathetic, I know, but boy, hormones can really do a trick on you.

Anyway, other than being overly emotional things are great! When I went in to the Dr. on Friday I actually lost a pound (which I think is because I went in during the morning, not afternoon like usual) and I was actually measuring on schedule. The doctor said that last time when I measured so big could have been because I was tense. Funny what 8th graders can do to you! 🙂 So things are good. Baby was happy and healthy she said. Just don’t be surprised if you call me up and tell me that the weather is beautiful and I start to cry. Babies do weird things to you!


2 thoughts on “I want my mommy…

  1. Now you know when I get emotional it is not always under my control!
    A Mommy always wants her children nearby, too…
    I miss you honey, here is a cuddle from me! 🙂
    your mommy

  2. I’m so sorry those crazy hormones are getting to you! If you need to vent, rant, cry, whatever feel free to e-mail or call. When you’re not learning or teaching, you should rent a good comedy. I recommend Talledega Nights… Sometimes it helps to just laugh.
    I think our men understand when we get like this. It brings out their protective instincts.

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