Third Trimester Stress

Well, last night at my Middle School we had our first annual talent show. My club, along with my friends, Robin’s club put it on. Needless to say (because this IS middle school aged kids!) we did most of it ourselves. It was an incredible success and we raised tons of money for a mom who’s daughter recently passed away from cancer and went to our school. I was very proud but during the process realized how difficult it is to be under a lot of stress during the last part of your pregnancy! There were a number of VERY stressful moments where I told Robin to be prepared to help me give birth because I was sure I was going to go into labor! Anyway, even with all of that crazyness, everything turned out great. It was fun. 🙂

Below are some funny picts of me in one of my favorite pregnancy shirts at school. I like to tell my students that I have the whole world on my belly. They think that’s funny coming from a geography teacher. 🙂 The other pic is of my friend Dave and I… he just wishes he was so cool…

World Shirt

Dave and Erin


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