Cinco de Mayo Shower

Yesterday was a fun day with friends here in Minnesota. Emily Kahnert and Jenia Strom put on a great baby shower for me at our home on a fun Mexican holiday. The decorations were so much fun and the food was great, (this baby LOVES mexican!) but most of all it was just wonderful to see and spend time with good friends. I feel so lucky! This kid will grow up with a very extensive and loving family in both Colorado AND here… 🙂

Emily, Erin and Jenia

erin and kyle



2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo Shower

  1. Wow, looks like a great party/shower. It’s nice to see your house all decorated with paper flowers…even the new front porch. You guys know how to do it up right:)

    Love to the three of you,

  2. Hi Erin!
    The shower must have been fun. I like the picture of you and Kyle. The sweater you are holding up is adorable and the two of you look so happy.
    See you Friday, Joan

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