Last one standing

Well, after having so many wonderful pregnant women work with me on a day to day basis, I am finally the last one here. All have had the cutest little babies in the past month and a half, and all that is left at CMS is me! That just means this whole labor thing is getting closer and closer, and that this baby is going to be a part of this world on it’s own very soon!

Otherwise, I feel as if I have had a very easy and wonderful pregnancy, but now am finally starting to really “feel it”. He’s getting REALLY big in this belly and taking up a lot of room. Eating meals is actually becoming more difficult because my stomach is squished like a pancake. With the warm weather comes swelling, and these Braxton Hicks contractions sure take the wind out of me (but thank goodness they don’t hurt!) I’m now starting to understand why people say that the third trimester is hard! I guess I should feel very lucky that it’s taken this long…

I’ll get a picture of my monstrous belly online soon…


One thought on “Last one standing

  1. Oh Erin, how exciting this pregnancy has been. I have never seen you so radiant and happy. I think carrying a new life for you has been a wonderful blessing and gift…those hormones have been good to you! 🙂
    As this pregnancy comes to a close and the excitement of a new life coming into this world is nearing I am filled with an over-powering need to become a GRANDMOTHER!!! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift. Love to the three of you…Inu too. See you soon. Sandy/Mom/Grandmother-yo-be

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