34 Weeks

Well, I promised a picture of the belly, so here it is. How is this even possible???

34 weeks

Oh, and for all pregnant women out there- one piece of advice that I have recently taken and hopefully will again before River pops out- get a pedicure! Boy, having someone rub your feet and make them look pretty is better now than it ever will be again…. even though you can barely see them! 🙂


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. “how is this even possible” you ask. Perhaps its the water. You better discuss this with your mother right away. Hello from Cape Town. Best wishes from Gary and Lisa

  2. You are too cute! Enjoy every moment, pregnancy is a magical time! Even more wonderful when your little bundle of joy is cuddling in your arms…

  3. First off your feet are very important to your well being. A pedicure every week is essential. And a must!
    Second of all go and buy a nice medium plastic box and fill it with all your necessary first aid stuff including neosporin or bacitracin, gauze, bandages, ace bandage, ice pack, heating pad, thermometer, caladryl lotion, ipecac syrup,scissors, tape- lets see what have I forgotten and then label it First Aid Box.
    Third off a full body massage is necessary every day.
    Baby yourself now its your last chance. From here on you will always be putting River before yourselves. This includes you as well Kyle. Perhaps you can for go the pedicure. Take Care, All our love

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