Almost Full Term

Crazy- seems just like yesterday that I began this blog. Time sure does go fast! Well, in about one week or so I will be considered full term- so if I go into labor, they won’t stop me. It’s amazing that this baby could come at almost any time… I’m really looking forward to it!

River is really making himself known now. If you touch my belly at basically any moment you can feel some sort of body part- hopefully I’m not poking him too much! But then again, my father always taught me about what a joy it is to torcher your children- why not start when they’re in the womb! (Just ask me about the pencil-fish incident sometime!) Anyway, it feels as if he is coming very soon- so stay tuned to the blog. I asked at the hospital if they have wireless, and it looks as if they are technologically advanced, so we’ll have a laptop there to keep you all informed!

Here’s me at 36 weeks–

36 Weeks


One thought on “Almost Full Term

  1. Erin, you look marvelous! Went to the Rockies game last night with your parents. There was a 6week old baby boy in the row in front of us. We all had a fun time staring at him and imagining what little River will be up to at 6 weeks. Very exciting. Can’t wait to meet the little guy. Love to you all. Hopefully labor will be fast and furious and you will have him in your arms before you know it

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