Summer’s Here!

All of those who are teachers and students can understand my excitement for the coming of summer. It is such a relief! I have no idea how those of you in the business world can go year round- but I also can’t imagine having to teach 13 year olds year round. Whoa- that could make anyone go crazy.

So anyway, today was my LAST day of school. I left this year with quite a bit more excitement and also skepticism than normal. For those of you who don’t know I am planning on taking off until January 3rd, 2008 to spend time with this little person in my tummy. I am very excited that I am able to spend the first half-year of River’s life by his side, but also a little scared. Am I going to become a mom who can’t ever leave her babies side, or has no life of her own? What trials am I going to encounter when hanging out all by myself with this new little thing? It’s a scary thought putting me in charge of another life! Humph. I guess I’ll do my best and consult the plethora of books we have in his room when I need to.

So now all I do is wait. No trips to Europe or Colorado, no summer classes to take, just time to do my nesting thing- which, knowing me, might not really happen at all (at least not to an extreme!) So as the days get hotter, and I get more and more swollen, don’t show up at my house unannounced. I will be scantily clothed since I have no one to dress up for if I am not spending time at the local pool where I will be in the water.

Man, you gotta love summer!!!


3 thoughts on “Summer’s Here!

  1. I can’t remember another time in my life when the birth of Kyle, Corey and Bobby didn’t give me the greatest purpose. Such joy and unconditional love will rarely come again in your life. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I know you will feel the same when it is your child in your arms. Your whole world changes for the better in an instant. Excluding all that laundry 🙂
    You’ll be great at it, I’m sure.

  2. Erin,
    just remember all those summer days by the Elks pool. You all swam until the top of the hour, till the 15 minute break when the lifeguards whistled so you kids would give them a break, and us Mom’s could swim a bit by ourselves! Now you can spend a couple of weeks in the new Northfield pool, watching all those Mom’s and kids and think about summer’s ahead full of “baby passes” and high board antics, and River crawling on the cement with bruised knees delighted to find some other childs “nerds” or skittles! You gotta love summer, and all the new adventures that you can dream about!
    Love, Mom

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