Weekly appointments and things I didn’t know

I have now hit the stage where the Dr. starts checking me every week to see if I have dialated. Let me tell you… soooo much fun! (Not!) Anyway, the Dr. said that everything is looking good and my cervix is thinning and feels like “room temperature butter”. What the heck do I say to that?? Great!? So nice to hear that my insides are softening up!? Boy, pregnancy really teaches a woman that our private parts are not really private, and that they’re just a vessel for other, more interesting things.

Other than that interesting tidbit of information you all wanted to know, last night was our last pregnancy class at the Northfield hospital. It was “learning how to care for your baby” class. It’s amazing how many things I really didn’t know (but thank goodness kyle was great at changing diapers!!) but made me worry a little bit for when River is actually here! I guess that’s why I am SOOO thankful my parents will be out here immediatly after the birth- a little guidance never hurt anyone!

This is a cool shirt that my dad got me in London that has the shape of a baby on it done with the words “I love you” in different languages. I think it’s so cute!

fun shirt

Full Term Belly!

37.5 weeks


One thought on “Weekly appointments and things I didn’t know

  1. Why in the world do doctor’s say things like that?! They already know how uncomfortable you are! Love the shirt and you will be a GREAT mom.

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