A Rare Sight

During the last few weeks of walking around town, enjoying the beautiful new Northfield pool, going to see movies, and generally living life as “normal”, I’ve found that people tend to stare at me. It’s a strange feeling, since I have never been someone that stands out in a crowd, but recently, since my belly has become so large, I think people are a little weirded out that I am actually out in public- sometimes even wearing a bathing suit! (That barely fits anymore- but oh well).

For example, almost everywhere I go people ask me when I’m due, and when I say in a couple of weeks, they’re like “ya, I’m not surprised”! Or when I walked into the bathroom at the pool the other day and a little girl looked at me and screamed at the top of her lungs, almost in fright, “She’s got a big belly!!” took me a little by surprise. Then, when her mom proceeded to tell her that there was a baby in there, the girl calmed down a bit but couldn’t take her eyes off me. I thought it was very cute, but also made me think about how often I see other REALLY pregnant women out there and it occurred to me that it was not very much. Why, I wonder? Is it because there is such a short time when we look this pregnant? Or maybe I am somewhat less self-conscious than most pregnant women? Hmmmm… who wants to spend they’re last few weeks of “freedom” hanging out in their house? Not me! I like to go out and play in the world WAY too much.

Speaking of not being self-conscious, yesterday we went in again for another photo shoot to Stone Cottage Photography. Scott (the photographer) was really nice and did this follow up one for free and took some more cool photos. Two of his pictures are below, and the rest are on the link (after the ones we shot previously).

Stone Cottage Photography


E & K

Have a fun filled weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Rare Sight

  1. Great Pictures! Keep Cool, glad to hear your hanging out at the pool. Anxiously awaiting the arrival. Thinking of you and Kyle and The Big Guy (Mr. River)
    Get ready to PUUUUUUUUUUUUSH! Love ya , Holly

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