One of my favorite pregnant feelings so far has been the subtle and reassuring feeling of hiccups. This morning I woke up to the constant beating of River’s abdomen hiccupping within my body. It is so weird and cute all at the same time! It is like a costant little “jump” in my belly every few seconds. No one ever told me how fun hiccups could be in an unborn baby! (Strange, I know…)

Now although it is getting more and more difficult to move around because he is getting heavier and heavier, I also love the fact that I can feel his legs and feet and various body parts squirming around! I really do feel for all those people in the world that can’t experience this incredible pregnancy thing- it really is the most amazing thing my body has ever done. Sharing it with another life is just so cool, something I am so thankful for.

So since I am in the “full-term” stage it is time to start actively trying to get this kid out of me. Kyle and I are taking walks and he is now starting to give me hand and foot rubs, which is supposed to bring on labor. (Yes!) I went to the Dr. yesterday and although I am not dialated yet, she said I am 80% effaced. Basically, depending on how my body acts I could go in a week, or 4. So, we are anxiously awaiting River’s appearance in this world. But for now, I am enjoying my rest, relaxation and cute little hiccups!


3 thoughts on “hiccups

  1. Thank you Erin for sharing this entry.

    It is beautiful!! And so are you. It brought tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. You are precious.


  2. I love hiccups!!! Its my favorite part, too. Makes all the back pain, shortness of breath, etc. forgettable.
    Don’t you wish the Dr’s wouldn’t tell you about your “progress”? I was 3 cm for 4 weeks with Elijah. My advice is to try Taco Bell. Worked for me ; ).

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