Holding Out

So since it’s the weekend and River hasn’t made an appearance yet, Kyle and I have been busy planning the next few days. It’s funny how now that the end is REALLY in sight, we are doing, and planning anything fun that comes our way! We have every night planned for the next 5 nights except for one in hopes that we can enjoy these last few days without worrying about poopy diapers.

So River, we can’t wait to see you, but if you want to wait to come out until after mid next week, we’ll be a-ok with that! (although by then who knows what we’ll have planned!)

Here is me at almost 39 weeks- maternity shirts don’t even fit anymore!!!

38 and a half


3 thoughts on “Holding Out

  1. I second the “super gigantic” and would add beautiful and glowing. Good luck with everything from here on out – looking forward to seeing River:-)

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