So yesterday we went in for another check up– and we have gotten to the point where the nurses are asking me, “you’re STILL pregnant??” ANYway, I was very healthy (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) and when she checked to see if I have dialated, she said that NOTHING has changed. Bummer! I was hoping that I was dialated to like 5cm and I didn’t even know it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (10cm is when you actually start pushing) But that was a nice dream, and I’d be one tough cookie if that was the case. So at the end of the appointment some of the nurses came in and showed Kyle and I pressure points on my hands and feet to try to induce labor. So far, it hasn’t worked, but we’re gunna keep trying!

So other than that, they also checked with a mini-ultrasound machine to see how big River was. It was SO cool seeing him! They said he’s got some hair and he’s very average size and could come out fine at any time. They guesstamated that he is currently around 7lbs, 11 ounces and we watched him “practice his breathing”. Very fun. Kyle was cute during this whole peep show because he kept saying how neat it was to see him on the ultrasound, but how much cooler it would be to see him in person. He is an anxious daddy (plus I think he wanted to see River come out yesterday because it was his 30th birthday!) But alas, we still have to wait. I am trying to keep cool while Kyle is working hard getting a rock wall built around his garden. So I guess we’ll keep on truckin’ till baby Carson arrives!

We’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “Arghhh!!!

  1. pop already! geez… if the baby comes out the day of the iphone, i think that i might name your kid telephone (just like you named me paperclip)



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