1 Day ’till D Day

So although I know that the whole “due date” thing is a rough estimation, I was really hoping that it would be wrong and baby River would come early– and especially not late! But alas, it seems that either our new baby boy is quite punctual, or if he took the “timing” genes from my side of the family, he will be “fashionably” late.

So to keep busy Kyle and I have taken countless walks (which are getting much more difficult for me these last few days since it feels as if the baby is cutting off circulation to my right leg) and trips to the pool (where I have been getting quite the stares!) Today the plan is to go see a movie since Murphy’s Law states that things will go “wrong” in any given situation, if you give them a chance. So our hope when we leave the house is that I will go into labor at the least opportune time. 🙂

Tomorrow we have our official 40-week appointment with the Dr. to see where I am at. I promise to keep you all posted…

Here is a picture of me today. At least I know he’s gotta come out sometime. 😉

40 Weeks


3 thoughts on “1 Day ’till D Day

  1. Erin,
    At least your keeping your girlish figure! Are you really surprised that a child of yours would have a mind of his own? You may as well know this right off the bat. Take comfort in knowing this soon shall pass…
    Thank you for keeping all of us up to speed on this very special time in your lives.

  2. Erin-

    I forgive you for not yet e-mailing me to tell me River has arrived! I finally did some research myself to find your blog and catch up on the latest, I CAN’T Believe He hasn’t come out yet! I LOVE the recent photos you posted! You are a CUTE pregnant lady! I will check the site more regularly now so I can find out when he is born.

    — Heidi

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