Little River is Born


At about 9:15, around the time Erin went into labor the day before, our doctor checked Erin’s progression. She said that Erin’s dilation had regressed from 9 cm to 8 cm and that the cervix was thickening instead of getting thinner like it should. What was happening was that, despite all of Erin’s contractions, our son had a bigger head than Erin’s pelvic opening (not to mention he was posterior). The cervix was swelling (i.e. closing up). There was no way the baby was coming out vaginally, the fact that Erin was trying to push River out was causing the cervix to close up. It was just bad genes, my thick-skull genes were conflicting with Erin’s small pelvis genes.

Erin was prepped for surgery and off she went to have the baby the very way we didn’t want. All of that sadness and frustration vanished as soon as River entered our world. He came out and was whisked to the warming table. He was audible, but not really crying. More like saying “Hi, nice to meet you, thank you for your help, it was getting tight in there”.

He has long dark brown hair, a cone head from Erin’s extremely heroic efforts, 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 inches long, and did i mention a huge head? I often joked that all new born babies look the same; wrinkled prunes, but this baby is our wrinkled prune and the cutest one on the block!

I really feel sorry for Erin though. During a C-Section the father can be in the operating room. The mother must be tied down on a table similar to a crucifix. Her arms are tied to the table so that she can’t reach down and interfere with the surgery. I, on the other hand, could walk around, watch the surgery, cut the cord, and hold the baby right away. The only thing i could do for Erin was bring the baby close to her head, but she couldn’t fully see it because her head movement was restricted. I felt like i was torturing her. All the hard work and pain that she went through, and all she could do was see it from the corner of her eyes. I almost broke down crying from the cruel injustice. The next two hours i was able to spend quality time with River while Erin laid alone in a sterile room (no outside visitors) because of complications from the surgery. There has to be a better system for C-Sections!

But when i was able to see her, it was like magic seeing the bond between a mother and her child. The joy in her eyes as she held her first born child was such a treat!

The experiences i’ve had today with River are absolutely breath-taking. I love swaddling him (It’s so much fun!). I’ve discovered that if you try to burp him by rubbing his back, he immediately falls asleep. And i almost did a touchdown dance when i first made him burp!

There is nothing like your very own baby!


10 thoughts on “Little River is Born

  1. Ahhhhhh…
    You two make me want to have another baby (it is Wednesday…hmmm). It’s amazing how a person can go through all of the trama and forget all the pain and bad.
    Erin I truly know how you feel. C-section was not the planned ending for me either, but look at your healthy beautiful River.
    Dad you are doing a great swaddle job, and I can only imagine what a wonderful coach you were.
    We can’t wait to meet River!!
    With much love,
    The Three Yates
    p.s swaddle even if River fights if

  2. Congrats to both of you! Erin, you are very strong and will recover wonderfully. If you need anything please let me know…I don’t mind driving to Northfield. I have had two C-Sections now and I realized a healthy baby is most important…enjoy this time as a new family.

    Megan Cox

  3. Yay!! Congratulations! So sorry that labor and birth didn’t go as hoped and planned but we’re thrilled to here that River is healthy and parents are well. Let us know when we’re invited over… we will not intrude, even though we’re walking distance away…. -Hillary and Rich

  4. I’m so happy for you three! Hiiiii River!!!!!! (Audrey says hi too. 🙂

    What a frustrating lead up to your miracle. At least, Erin, you got to be AWAKE, though! My mom had to be completely sedated due to her blood pressure, so she’s always lamented that she didn’t even get to MEET me until much later.

    Much love to mom and dad and River. 🙂

    – Peter & Audrey

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful little boy. Erin– take care of yourself. I hope you recover quickly and are enjoying all of the new joys that little River is bringing into your life!

  6. Dear Kyle, Erin, and River,]
    You make a beautiful family! We’re so thrilled for you! River, you are born to a sensitive and adventurous mommy and daddy! You are one blessed little fella!

    As your Great-Grandpa Charlie would have said, “These are the best years of your life.” He’s right. Soak up the days, the hours, the minutes up like sunshine after rain. It’s in nurturing you will be nurtured.

    Bunches of Love and Smiles,
    The Hunnicutts

  7. Congratulations on your Yankee Doodle Boy! I’m sorry things didn’t go as planned. I know what’s that like. Elijah had a ginormous head, too. Enjoy learning all about each other!

  8. wahoo wahoo wahooo!!!!! we sang happy birthday last night at like 10 right after the fireworks!!!
    only a few days till i see you guys and my new buddy!!!

  9. Hi guys!! Wow, that must have been one heck of a ride, but I’m so happy to be an uncle. Just call me Uncle Bob. Haha that has a ring to it, don’t you think? I hope Erin is rested and feeling better. Can’t wait to come up and see the little guy. Cheers!!

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