Erin is asleep now, so i briefly left to give everyone an update.Her water broke at 9:30 yesterday morning, contractions started after she arrived at the hospital. After breathing through the contractions for 15 to 16 hours, her cervix was dialated to 9 centimeters (10 is when you start pushing). This was great news because we knew that the ushing stage was just around the corner. After enduring 4 hours of painful contractions her cervix was still 9 cm. She was absolutely exausted! We made the decision to start an epidural to let her body relax. The nurses said that she was fighting the contractions and she needed to relax in order for the cervix to open up all the way. After she couldn’t feel anything they added patosin to keep the contractions going. She fell asleep for about an hour, and as of the posting (8:00am) she is still at 9 cm. The baby is positioned posterior so we think that is the reason she is stuck. Considering the babies position, Erin has been enduring a lot of pain, drug free, for close to 20 hours. She is the toughest cookie i know.  We will let you know more as the labor progresses. Keep us in your prayers and hope we don’t need a C-Section.


7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. You are a real trouper Erin!!!!!! I know that you are now heading in for a C-Section. Our prayers and good thoughts are with you and Kyle. Soon you will have a beautiful baby in your arms that will love you like no other. Much admiration and love, Sandy and Dave

  2. Erin & Kyle,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I imagine by now you are holding little River and just happy as can be. Kathy

  3. WOOHOOOO!!!!! I cant wait to see you guys!!!! Cant stop looking at the pictures of daddy and his little boy 🙂

  4. I hope you guys are holding baby River by now. What a firecracker!! Ten little fingers and toes, what an amazing sight and joy a baby can bring into our lives. Erin you are an outstanding woman. You did a great job hanging in there pushing and working through each contraction.
    We are waiting anxiously for another update.
    Much love,
    The Three of Us

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