The family comes home today!

Erin and River

The Birth Center is letting Erin and River go home today! She will be discharged some time soon, maybe this morning.

Someone once described new born babies as “eating, pooping blobs”. That couldn’t be more true. All of our energy has been focused on getting River to eat, changing diapers, and watching him sleep. Sounds boring, huh? Well it’s not! It’s more exciting than white water rafting!

I wanted to thank everyone who visited us this week. It’s so nice to have people come and let us forget that we are locked inside a hospital. Also, thanks to everyone who text messaged Erin on Tuesday. It was the perfect way to give Erin encouragement and not be intrusive during labor. At one point the messages just flooded in and Erin was so tickled that she forgot that she was going through excruciating pain (for a small time). This is one example where technology improved life instead of complicated it. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “The family comes home today!

  1. my sister is the most adorable mother ever 🙂
    wow…. i love you guys!!! cant wait to see you erin and kyle!!!

  2. Congratulations guys!!! We have been following “the story” of River’s arrival and glad that he is here. Sorry to hear it was a little bit of a rough road toward the end Erin, but the most important things are that you are all healthy and well!!
    Enjoy this amazing time.
    B and E

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