My little thumb sucker

River has been such a joy! I feel so lucky. He has been learning so much every day, and one of my favorites is when he finds his thumb! It is so cute when he is searching around looking for something to keep him occuppied and his thumb/finger and/or hand finds it way to his mouth. It is adorable! All of us are having a great time watching him figure life out everyday because everyday he seems to find something new. His umbilical cord also fell off yesterday (a week old!) so he is starting to look like a “normal baby”.

Currently, I am learning now how to nurse in public, since I get so antsy just sitting at home. I’ve had my parents here encouraging me to nurse in public at least once a day, and have been succeeding! Hopefully I haven’t flashed anyone yet, but practice makes perfect. So I should have this thing down soon! Even with all the newness, and sometimes difficult times, I love this motherhood thing. It’s pretty neat!

Here are some new pictures for all to enjoy!





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