Missing my baby


So it’s now been a week since I last saw River. Last Sunday I left him, my parents and Kyle in Hawaii so he could spend some precious time with his daddy since spring time is so crazy for Kyle. I thought it would give me time to write a paper that is due, read a book and maybe get my nails done; but alas, it turned into a week where I could do nothing but concentrate on his absence.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one being that since Tuesday, even with my amazing Medela duel-action pump, I only been able to let down a couple of times.  This has been a very painful experience, especially since I have never had any problem letting down with the pump in the past. I could let down in 1 minute flat! But this week I have spent countless hours on the pump and getting only 3 ounces (when I know there is a good 6 ounces left to get!) So needless to say everything is getting a little sore. 

On the positive note, River and Kyle are due back this morning. (With their flight being delayed now 2 hours). But they will come home today, and for that I am sooo happy! I hope that this let down issue will just disappear, and having River by my side will be my ultimate cure. Since leaving him this problem started, I hope that seeing him will tell my weary body that all is better now…


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