I guess it’s time to wean…

Well, the time has come. Not by my choice (kinda) and not by River’s, but my head and body. Since he returned from Hawaii I have been able to nurse most of the time, but it’s totally hit or miss. I feel like I am having mini anxiety attacks every time I sit down with the pump and even with him. This has caused emotional termoil in my brain and heart because I wanted to do this on our own terms. I am going to keep trying to nurse when I am relaxed and full, but I know  that won’t happen forever. So, the time has come.

I am thankful for these past 9 months of wonderful nursing. It has brought me so close to my baby and I am so happy that things had gone so well. He is a happy and healthy baby- laughing all of the time! I will miss this special time, but as we all know, it has to happen sometime!

For all those nursing mothers out there just be prepared that if anything like this happens to you, your emotions and hormones will be out of wack! So please bear with me these next few weeks…


One thought on “I guess it’s time to wean…

  1. Erin,
    You are a wonderful mother. Very caring and loving and attentive. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Because of you River is fully protected and healthy.

    I found that everytime I had something figured out about raising my three there were roadblocks, u-turns and indecisions galore. You ‘did good’!!!!! 🙂

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