Finger food, grandma visits, books and birthdays

Okay, I know this is a crazy title but I there’s a lot going on here in River’s world.

First off, finger foods. River seems to have gotten past the baby food stuff and moved right on to the world of finger foods. He rarely seems to even let a spoon get near his face, which is such a bummer since we have all this great, organic, home-blended baby food. Guess Kyle and I can snack on it every once in awhile. Just kidding. 🙂

Second, Grandma Sandy is in town since I had my doctorate class this weekend and a babysitter is needed- family sure are the best ones to take care of babies when the parents are gone! Thank you Sandy!

Third, books have been an absolute favorite of River’s lately. All he ever wants to do is turn those pages, look at those pictures and have us read to him! (Even if it is only a menu!:)

Lastly, today we went and celebrated Annie Strom’s 1st birthday with her and her family and friends. It was so much fun seeing those two crawl around and play together! Yes, River is crawling and getting into everything, even dog food! (yummy) I’ll put up a video soon…

Oh, and the nursing/weaning thing is going ok, I’m trying to make it as gradual as possible even with all of my “issues”. Gunna miss it though…. it’s a special thing between a mama and her babe.




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