A few videos of mobile river

This first video is River about 2 and a half weeks ago… right when he figured out how to move and crawl… 

The next one is from this afternoon and how he has mastered this new way of living!

Lastly here is one of him pulling up! He has obviously figured the up part, now he is working on the down part!


3 thoughts on “A few videos of mobile river

  1. How amazing Erin!!! Absolutely wonderful! 🙂 Colin and I replayed them last night about 10 times…. 🙂 Miss you..

  2. Erin & Kyle
    I can’t believe how fast your baby boy is growing. He is doing all sorts of new tricks. They grow up so fast. Looks like you all are doing well. Miss you!
    Lots of Love, Holly & Bob

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