Ear Infections

Well, this is one thing Kyle and I were not prepared for- ear infections. These last 2 weeks we have been battling with an ear infection now in both of River’s ears. With the infection he has had high temps and difficult nights. Let alone both of us have had to take off work to stay home with him! All of you that have family around you are very lucky! It’s hard to do  this all on your own especially when you have to leave work so often.

He is getting better- now on a higher dose of drugs, his ears seem to be clearing up. But because of this we are going to take another approach to healing. I have been told my many people that chiropractors and more holistic medicine can wok wonders for children, so that is our next step. Pumping our little 19lb baby full of drugs is NOT what I want to do, so we are finding alternatives!

Below is a picture of our stove (since our fridge is not magnetized). It was a great idea we got from Jenia and Eric, especially since all our family is so far away! Plus it’s River’s favorite place to pull up and play, so he gets to see his family’s faces every day!


One thought on “Ear Infections

  1. I’m sorry River is not feeling well! 😦 We’re thinking of him!

    Love you guys!!!! Give River a hug….

    Hang in there! He’ll be better soon….

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