All types of medicine

So the ear infection returned…. no fun! River woke up this past Monday miserable and fussy- which is not like my little boy! I felt so awful because this ear thing has been going on for a month. So Monday afternoon (after he got kicked out of day care with a 103 fever AGAIN) I took him to the doctor and low and behold he had a double ear infection after being off of the last drugs for 2 days. So, we are trying a different drug and turning to alternative medicine.

I have been told by many friends that chiropractors help babies ear infections so Tuesday morning that is where we headed. We found a nice pediatric chiropractor in Apple Valley and she did some magic. Now it could be the new drugs, but I would like to think that the non-drug(s) did the trick because River is back to his old self! After I found out it was covered under insurance, I headed back to her myself- something every new mom should do…


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