10 months old!

River is 10 months old today! It’s hard to imagine that he was in my arms as a newborn baby 10 months ago this very second. People say that time passes faster once you have children- boy are they right!

Well, lately we have been enjoying the world of technology! We discovered ichat and have been having fun talking to family long distance. This past thursday was pretty fun because grandma pat, grandpa dick, aunt barbie and debbie were all at my parents house. When doing ichat there was a point where everyone was singing itsy bitsy spider. Pretty amusing. 

Otherwise Grandma Sandy is in town again to take care of River when I am off at class. River and her have been having fun playing, shopping and napping! So nice to have some family around! (Even if for just a short while!)


One thought on “10 months old!

  1. How amazing! How quickly time does pass! You have done an awesome job with River!!! He’s the best 10 month old EVER!!!!

    Miss you…Love you all lots!!!

    Can’t wait to see you!

    xoxox Beth. 🙂

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