Bumps and Bruises

Well, the last few days, well, weeks actually, River has become black and blue. I honestly feel like a bad mother, but I know that this is just one step towards independence. He’s getting really good at “speed crawling” and walking around various objects. He pulls up on everything taller than himself which makes for a constant stream of falls. Everyday he’s got a new bump or scrape somewhere on his body…

Otherwise River is talking up a storm. He says mama quite often, especially at dinner time which makes me think that he is saying “more more”. He is also finally staying up pretty consistently past 7pm which has been a nice treat. We like having our baby around! He is slowly going through all the frozen breastmilk that I have stored with a little bit of foumula here and there, but is eating a ton of solid food. His favorite room right now is the kitchen, especially when the dog food is on the floor. His favorite game is taking all the dog food and putting it into Inu’s water dish, then proceed to splash out all of the water, and food, that is in there. He has become quite a little personality!


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