Memorial Weekend fun!

What a fun and exciting weekend!

Kyle, River and I flew into Colorado Friday evening to get to Boulder for an engagement party for River’s Uncle Colin and Aunt Beth.

We had a great time together, and River – not surprisingly – stayed up for quite sometime to enjoy the party- He’s my party boy!

The next day we walked around Boulder and enjoyed Pearl Street, the Creek Festival, Farmers market and the Bolder Boulder Expo. During that time we found some “killer tulips” – or at least that i what River must of thought because they were bigger than him and he got totally freaked out by them!

(Although you can’t tell that by this picture!)

We then got to visit Aunt Katie up in her new mountain home in Evergreen- mommy was very jealous!

Sunday we went to church and River was very good- when Pastor Mark told the congregation to pray for people in their hearts or out loud- River loudly exclaimed, “Mama!” Although he had no idea what he was doing it was mighty cute, and made his mama feel pretty good.

After church we went and had a great breakfast, and we realized how incredibly tired River was because he fell asleep in my arms. That NEVER happens anymore!

On Monday we woke up bright and early to enjoy Memorial Day and the Bolder Boulder. It was River and Kyle’s first Bolder Boulder and I think they both had a lot of fun!

After just starting the 10K walk with River on our back, Kyle, River and I got stopped by a 9 news reporter. They asked us if we could do an interview, so we spent a little of our Bolder Boulder time getting interviewed on TV! Some of the actual interview is on the link below- just click on the video link on the left…

It was a cold day, but we still had a wonderful time walking with Grammy and family! Pap ran ahead but we met up with him at the end with Colin and Beth. River and I were happy to be there that day to say happy Anniversary to Grammy and Pap since they have been married for 35 years! What an exciting day!

Although we had a great time with the Laughery family, River did wish that Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave could have joined him in the Bolder Boulder as well… hopefully next year!


2 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend fun!

  1. What a wonderful weekend it was!!! 🙂 Colin and I had a great time with you , Kyle and River!!! WE miss you all very much already! 🙂

    Love you guys!!

    Beth and Colin 🙂

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