River Worried about Daddy

I just had to write and let you know the most recent cute thing River did- Last night we went to our friends, Ben and Lindsay’s house for dinner. They have a small half pipe in their backyard and so Kyle got his old skateboarding skills out of the closet and had a ball seeing what he could still do.  After a little while RIver and I went outside to watch him and saw him do some fun tricks, and then saw him fall. When he  fell River freaked!  As soon as Kyle was on the ground River let out a cry like he was in so much pain! It was so cute how worried he was about his daddy! This happened the rest of the night, so soon I just had to bring River inside so he would stop freaking out.

I think he’s got a little Telaak in him (my mom’s family)-  since they can be a bunch of worriers- this said with so much love!!!


One thought on “River Worried about Daddy

  1. I used to pretend that i would get attacked by the vacuum cleaner and scream like i was hurting to sky…
    he used to freak out and come give me a lick on the face and see if i was alright. it was really cute!

    but then i started doing it too much, and now, quite frankly, i don’t think that he would move a muscle for me if i was getting attacked by a mountain lion!

    kinda a weird story, but sort of related!

    it was great seeing all of you this weekend and can not wait to see you again!


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