Playing in Hawaii

So we’ve been in Hawaii for a week and having a great time! River has enjoyed his swimming and playing time with Camden, Mija and Nikko, even though his ear infection (I think?) has returned. He is not as happy as he usually is and I’ve started him on another round of antibiotics. Ick. I think it came from the cold that both he and I got on the plane over.

Thankfully Kyle arrived yesterday. He was thrilled to see River and RIver was thrilled to see him. When we got back to the condo we went straight to the pool and joined Matt in a little water play time. We decided to stay in last night and relax since the night before we went to River’s 3rd luau (Yes, 3rd! Before he is even 1 year old!) So he got some good sleep. Hopefully this kicks whatever it is that is bugging my little guy….


One thought on “Playing in Hawaii

  1. We are heading to Hawaii too in no time. My LO is only 8 months old right now. I wonder if he will take to the water well. My DH and me are definitely looking for our first opportunity to take some time off since LO was born.

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