What a month…

Whew! It’s been a crazy month!

River has been traveling the world (well, hawaii and colorado at least) played with grandparents, and turned one! I can’t believe that my little baby has transitioned into toddlerhood. It’s gone by so fast!

So River enjoyed Hawaii with mommy at first, then she left for China and he stayed with daddy for another week. They enjoyed going to beaches and playing with Matt, who took to scuba diving quite well I hear! When the vaca to hawaii ended, River and Kyle set flight for colorado to begin the grandparent visit! He played in Fort Collins for a few days and then headed to the second carson home in wyoming where he had a blast with all his toys and went on hikes!

Mommy came home on the 28th and was so excited to see her little boy! The spent the night in Fort Collins with the Carson’s before heading to the Laughery’s for a week. While at the Laughery’s River was practicing words that he had slowly been learning (“duck” we decided was the first, and most frequent!) and seeing friends (and meeting ones like Jalene’s new baby, Gavin) and enjoying a good, and short ball game. He was so cute during the game, but the words that tell the story best are my dad’s. He wrote an email shortly after we returned and I am going to post it into this blog- hope you don’t mind dad! You’re just so good with words, and they really express your love for your grandbaby!

Written by Ron Laughery, July 7th 2008:

“I got an opportunity this past week to take River to his first baseball game. So, on Tuesday, July 1st, Erin, Kyle, Beth, Colin, Mary Beth, River and I went to see the San Diego Padres play the Colorado Rockies at Coors field. It was a wonderful night for baseball, being a little cloudy and the temperatures in the 70s for most of the game. It was a good game with the Rockies winning 4-0 and breaking an eight game losing streak (and starting a five game winning streak) with Aaron Cook pitching a complete game shutout in a record time of 1 hour and 58 minutes.

But that wasn’t why it was so special…

River, as it turns out, is quite a baseball fan. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t figured out all of the intricacies of the game (though someone born on July 4th may have come specially pre-wired for understanding America’s pastime), but he certainly knew that what was going on out there on the field was worth paying attention to. He sat on my lap for most of the game and watched more than most almost-one-year-olds would as I talked him through the game. He certainly understood when exciting things happened because that’s when everybody cheered and stood up and we clapped and made noise! He also made friends with everyone around us, and I mean everybody. All in all, there were about 15 people cheering with him and giving him high-fives before the game was over.

And, almost as though this game was made for him, he had just learned his first word a few days before, and that word was “duck.” Now, the word duck never seemed like all that much of a baseball term to me. But, that night, the announcer’s decided that the phrase they would use every time the Rockies had runners on base (and the picture they showed on the scoreboard) was “Ducks on the Pond.” Needless to say, this generated lots of excitement and repeated shouting of the word “duck” by our little baseball fan and his Pap.

Life has given all of us precious moments that are as sweet as anything we could ever hope for. To be sure, I had many of these moments with my kids and look forward to many more. But, some of my earliest and fondest memories as a child were of going to baseball games with Pap and Dad. So, to have this opportunity to pass this tradition down a few generations to River was a joy as sweet as any I’ve ever had or could ever hope for. Take that boy to a ball game sometime and you’ll see what I mean…”

So it was quite an eventful week only to be ended with River’s birthday party. He was so much fun that day and seemed incredibly happy! During the day we took some fun pictures of River naked on his new wooden bike, got some ladybugs for his birthday from pap, along with many wonderful toys, clothes and books from family and friends- but most of all was getting lots of attention and love, just like everyone should on their birthday… especially their first. Grammy and Pap put on a wonderful birthday party for River with so many friends and almost all of his family. (Missing Colin and Beth of course!) Red, white and blue was all around, with the only thing missing, fireworks (since River was very asleep at that time!) Maybe next year babe….

So now we are back in Minnesota enjoying laying low, taking swimming lessons, cleaning the house and picking strawberries. Today River gets to have a “second” birthday party with all of his Minnesota friends at the local pool which he is very excited about. (So much so he is currently having a hard time taking his nap:) So on goes summer. Such a treat for mommy and daddy to spend so much time with their baby. We feel so lucky.

See pictures below of the last month…


One thought on “What a month…

  1. I miss you all soo much! It was great to see you and I’m sorry I missed River’s first birthday 😦 What a great blog!!!

    Love you all!!!


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