Back to the grind

Well, we are back to the world of the working. Kyle and I came back to Minnesota a week or so ago and have been preparing for and beginning to get back to work. I had surgery last Thursday for my umbilical hernia and began work this Monday. Might as well “rip the band aid off” quickly I guess. So River started back at daycare this last Friday. He seems to love it, but of course, the second day of daycare, he comes home with a runny nose! Ahhhhh…. I guess it’s never ending!

So although he has a small cold, he is now one of the oldest babies in the room and I think is enjoying being the “big boy”. They said that he is good with other babies and playing with kids that are close to his age. He is walking all the time now and figuring out the whole shoe thing, especially when they have velcro. His favorite thing to do is take off the shoes after I just put them on, which is not so nice to his mama.

Anyway, this last month or two has come with LOTS of change, and both Kyle and I are so happy that we were able to be home to experience them with him! So now, we are back to the grind, which I truly believe is good for all of us!


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