Playing with friends

River has been having a lot of fun these past few months and weeks playing with new and old friends. When he goes into daycare, everyday he gets so excited that he jumps up and down in Kyle’s arms. He is also taking a music and swim class this “semester” and loves them both because he gets to be around other little kids. He likes to follow around the older kids which is quite cute. 🙂 He is such a social little boy it’s fun to watch him around others. He does have some issues sometimes with sharing, which hopefully will get better instead of worse!

So along with his “socialness” he is also getting more cuddly towards kyle and I. Every night right before he goes to sleep he and I have a good cuddle session; it is so special.

Playing on the playground near our house. He loves the park!

This evening we got to hang out with River’s new friend Ella. She was so cute! He also was very sweet giving her kisses. 🙂

Annie and River had a lot of fun the other weekend playing at the children’s museum!

Playing at a friends house!

Checking out Obama at the state fair!


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