Holiday fun

This past holiday season has been wonderful time spent with great friends and family. River is in the process of learning tons of words and starting to begin his phrases- his first one being “kick the ball” – what a surprise! Uncle Colin thinks that someday 25 years from now, River will be starting a soccer camp called “kick the ball soccer camp with River Carson!” Okay, sounds cheesy and stupid here, but when you hear Colin you see how it could work!
Otherwise River is loving daycare- now he’s moved up to toddlers! There are so many fun toys for him to play with there I think he is quite occupied all day! He had his first school holiday program with daycare and he proudly jingled his bells and sat down most of the time.
Otherwise, after a thanksgiving at the Carson’s in Vail (with great skiing and lots of family fun!) we went to the Carson’s for an early Christmas in Fort Collins and then to Maui with the Laughery side. We are having tons of fun playing in the pool and beach (even though river can’t stand his feet on the sand- weird boy) and playing with his many Christmas presents- which consisted of balls. Pure heaven for my little boy!
This year has been so much fun watching him grow and play and become his own little person. I can’t wait for the next years adventures and fun ahead!
Happy new year to all of you! We love and miss you!


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