Getting Older


Here are some things that River has currently been up to:

*Loving any kind of ball- he is completly obsessed. I can pull up google images and type in “football” and he can sit there for at least 30 minutes pointing and saying”football, football…” Is he REALLY my child???

*Swim lessons- he loves them! Now he is starting to blow bubbles (except when the instructor is there) and jumping into the pool to mama and dada . Its so much fun to see how happy he is in the water!

*This also goes for bath time too. He now screams and cries when he has to get out. I think he’d live in there if he could! Actually the first time he said “no” to me was when I was trying to take him out.

*River is really starting to repeat everything! He knows almost all sounds (still has a hard time with the eee sound) but loves to repeat and do everything we do. It’s pretty cute! All except for now we need to be much more cautious about what we say around him…

*He is a HAM. In music class every monday his favorite part is when he runs into the middle of the circle during the songs and starts to dance. He LOVES it when everyone is looking at him! Sometimes though, we step outside of music class for a minute because he likes to take the instruments and throw them. No River, not everything is a ball… 🙂

*Unless he is around way too many people (like the week of Colin and Beth’s wedding) River is a lover. He loves running up to me so  can pick him up where he will hug me hard and kiss me on the lips. I know all of this will end eventually so I am eating up every moment!

*Except for when he is sick, he is an amazing sleeper. When with us on the weekends, he goes to bed somewhere around 7:30 very happily, then wakes up around 7-7:30 in the morning, then has around a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon after lunch. He loves sleep… thank goodness!

*His new room is together with his new big boy bed. He is not quite ready to be in there yet (I don’t know, am I not ready or him?) so he is still in his crib. We need to change him somtime soon, probably around May since baby girl could be arriving anytime after August (we think!) For those of you that don’t know, River’s baby sister will be arriving from Nepal sometime in the near future! (Homestudy done! Waiting on INS and soon to send dossier over to Nepal).

*Daycare is Great, sicknesses not so much. Just like last year he has been a little off because of all the kids. In a strange way I am very happy to get this sickness over with! It happens now, or when they start school, or so I’ve been told.

*River Hates getting stuff on his hands (dirty, etc.) It kinda started with the sand in Hawaii (which he always refused to step foot on) and now when his hands are dirty from eating, he wants me to clean them or he goes nuts. Pretty cute.

*Also with the clean freak thing, he IS a good cleaner! If he spills a little milk, I give him a washcloth or paper towel and he cleans it. Thanks for teaching him that one Grammy and Pap!

River is a dear sweet boy! He is such a lover, I couldn’t ask for anyone more amazing!

Thanks for keeping up! I will try and get more info posted soon, but in the meantime, keep checking my flickr account!


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