Swimming our way through paperwork

to get to River’s little sister…

This weekend, we have our final fingerprints to do before INS approves that we are good people and a-ok to adopt a little girl from Nepal. We are very excited to get that done so we can start the dossier to send to the actual country of Nepal. It is amazing how much work adoption is, but we are so exited to someday meet our new baby girl!

River has been doing great with all of his lessons and activities every week. (Monday- music, Tuesday- swimming, Friday- gymnastics, and some Wednesdays are spent with our “new mom’s friends and babes eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s toys!) We are finally getting the last 2 of 3 teeth before his 2 year molars, so some nights he gets pretty fussy when he is nawing on his fingers!

Otherwise, with Kyle working all the time I (erin) am working hard to keep River occupied. Needless to say, if I am home alone with him he can get kinda bored (since he seems to always have so many different people and things to occupy him!) . That’s okay, even if it’s a quiet night we find our fun in puzzles, balls, and looking at still pictures on my computer. We had a grand ol’ time watching the video of Colin and Beth’s wedding on facebook the other night. Maybe I should make River a page ? 🙂 Ha, he’ll make plenty of internet pages in his life, so I guess I shouldn’t start now!
Other than that, River’s new room is slowly getting together, and we are thinking of moving him early summer. I can’t imagine it, but this getting big thing is happening fast… way too fast. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Swimming our way through paperwork

  1. We like your updated look!

    We’re happy to hear things are going well, and hope to plan something with you guys in the very near future!

    Annie, Jenia and Eric

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