Spring has Sprung, but the adoption process has slowed…


Well, it’s finally acting a little like spring around here… River is OBSESSED with being outside with his balls, bikes and crucks (car/trucks) and in the meantime the outlook for our baby girl slows down. A few weeks ago kyle and I went up to St. Paul and got our fingerprints done for the FBI (an incredible people watching experience) and are waiting back from homeland security to confirm that we are indeed US citizens. (I think this form will be the 171-H?) So now we have our dossier done except for that last piece. Once that gets mailed to us and then to our adoption agency, we will be able to send all our hard work and a good amount of money to the country of Nepal. Then, we wait some more.

Otherwise things are going ok in the Carson household. I (erin) am keeping busy at school and working on my classes when River naps, and Kyle is in his full work mode with lots of shows in the dance department this spring. There has been lots of various health problems with our many beloved family and friends these past few weeks which has made things quite hard, but we are thankful River is able to enjoy the outside again. He obviously is at home when he plays in nice weather!

So some new things river is doing are:

lots of 2 word sentences, he puts them together quite nicely.

He is learning colors and loving puzzles

the past few weeks we have given in to the tv watching a little bit with movies on saturday nights like “Muppets” and “Cars” (or crucks, whatever) and then last night we thought it would be fitting that we watch “Madagascar” after taking him to the zoo in the morning. (picture of River looking into the dolphin tank above.) He loves it. (I hope zoo more than the movie!)

So tomorrow morning Kyle and River get a week off to go to Colorado and enjoy a relaxing spring break with the Carson’s. Mama will sure miss them but am also looking forward to sleeping in a little. (This weekend we have had some early mornings-I don’t do well with a 6:30am start time on Saturdays). I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with all my extra time, but hopefully I can use it for something productive! Then in a couple weeks River and I head off to NY to see Grammy and Paps new place in Manhattan!  We (well, at least I) am very excited!

So back to the adoption process– below is a report on some of the adoption happenings in Nepal. I found it pretty informative!


Kantipur Report
KATHMANDU, March 17 – With the government expediting the selection process for inter-country adoption, Nepali orphans and children abandoned by their families are only a few months away from their new homes abroad. A list of Nepali children available for inter-country adoption is under scrutiny at the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.

The central matching committee under the ministry has been assigned to go ahead with the process. Of late, a total of 115 prospective foreign parents have applied seeking Nepali children for adoption.

It is mandatory for prospective adoptive parents to present a document from their home country permitting adoption.

“The matching process could take two to three months before the children are handed over to foreign adoptive parents,” says Toya Nath Adhikari, legal officer at the ministry. “However, the process could be delayed because all registered orphanage homes have not submitted the list of children for adoption,” he says.

Out of 38 registered orphanage homes, only a few have submitted lists of a total of 45 children. Owing to strict new regulations and lack of fund, the homes took a long time to submit their reports.

For the first time, the ministry has adopted new measures to maintain transparency in the entire selection process and also tried to maintain secrecy to ensure that no one influences the process, say ministry officials.

“We are closely watching the whole process,” says Manoj Kumar Kandel, a representative of Canada-based international adoption agency — Choice Adoption.
“We hope the ministry will not be partial while handing over the children.”

After media exposed corruption and rampant exploitation of children, the ministry decided to hold the process for 18 months until effective laws were enacted to plug loopholes.

Back then, there were cases where agents bypassed regulations to illegally procure babies for potential parents for large amounts.

Following pressure from the international community, the government eased the ban and came up with new rules to systematize the process.

Under the new regulations, prospective parents have to deal with registered adoption agencies from their home country or Nepal-based embassies. Earlier, they used to deal with orphanage homes.

Since the amount for adoption was not determined, prospective parents often ended up paying huge amounts for the baby of their choice.

Now, the adoption fee for each child has been fixed at 8,000 dollars, with 5,000 dollars going to children’s homes and 3,000 dollars to the state.

The government has registered 62 international adoption agencies, and they have been asked to spend certain amount on the welfare of children in Nepal. Records at the ministry show that 2,244 Nepali children have been adopted since 2000 till date.

“We however need to monitor the government process,” says Tulasa Kharel, a representative of an adoption agency based in Italy. A UNICEF study released last September had said that an “industry” had grown up around adoption in which profit rather than the best interest of the child took centre stage. The study also found instances of children who were not orphans being given away for adoption by parents as well as orphanages.

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One thought on “Spring has Sprung, but the adoption process has slowed…

  1. It is such a joy to read about River! Thank you…
    we are anxious for “sherpagirl” as well!
    Love you all…Grammy/Mom

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