Lots to Ponder

Well, a lot has happened in this last few months, but also so very little.

We have been lucky to have some wonderful spring break trip to Colorado and NYC, spend time with grandparents, and enjoy the outdoors! How how wonderful that is! River is doing an amazing job now of putting 3 words together (sad thing is, the most common phrase is “dada (or) mama go work”, and say’s “I love you mama” (which makes up for the work thing:) jumping, stairs (he can almost do all of them by himself!) River is a fabulous dribbler, hiker (with a football) among many other things!

I will try and keep you updated on all of his amazing progress!

As for our Nepal adoption- it is very slow. We are STILL waiting on homeland security (3 months now!) for out 171-h. Also there is some political turmoil in Nepal which is making us question things. Below I will paste some info I just got from a website written by Nepalese lawyers. It is all frustrating now, since we are wanting to get our dossier in a country soon!
Ministry embassies meet

Kathmandu:  A meeting was held today between the consulates, embassies of various countries in Nepal and the Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare to discuss and update International Adoption of Nepal.  The meeting was coordinated by the German Embassy here in Nepal.  The Ministry briefed the international offices about a Code of Conduct which the government is planning to introduce to stake holders of international adoption which would include the orphanages, representatives and agencies.  A participant of the meeting said that this Code of Conduct however did not speak about anything for the Ministry themselves who with the centralization of process has become the key players of adoption.

The ministry also updated in the meeting that almost two hundred fifty dossiers have been registered, however the ministry did not openly state about the matching status said a participant.  He added that several important questions raised by the embassies and consulates were not clarified by the Nepal officials, the counsels were not satisfied with govt. response to their questions.

Meanwhile according to a reliable source the Ministry has matched children from three families of American Agency Holt International.  The ministry has directly mailed the referral package to these three families.  This has taken the representatives here and adoption agencies abroad by surprise.  Nepal has just ratified the Hague and according to Hague communication with the family has to be through the Agency said one of the representative from the Adoption Agencies Representative Forum Nepal (AARFN) We representatives are confused and surprised by Ministrys step of sending the child referral directly to the families, there is a system which the New Terms and Conditions have laid down and the government should walk on those lines.  The new rules states of families going through an approved agency.

The government had last year invited application from agencies abroad and approved and accredited 68 adoption agencies earlier to work for international Adoption from Nepal.


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