complete frustration and excitement

Ok- So it has been around 4 months since we sent in our fingerprints to INS/Homeland security to get our 171-H form- the ONLY thing left so we can send our dossier over to Nepal. And still NOTHING. We leave for our summer plans in around a week and really want to send it off! I knew that once it got to Nepal things would take awhile, but this??? I have been reading many other blogs where it took as little as 11 days to get the form. I don’t know what is going on!

Ah, sorry to vent. Anyway, we are very excited for the next month. Off to Cleavland next friday and then Paris on Sunday! River’s first international trip! We even got him a passport which is mighty cute. 🙂 After that Kyle and River are heading back to the states/New York for some R&R at the Adirondacks with lots of fam. I on the other hand am heading to South Africa for my last elective class with St. Thomas. Lots of excitement! So, look for picts and fun information on here! Hopefully, next time I write I will be in France, have our dossier completed, and having some fun!!!


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