Everything is Submitted!

After talking with our agency (who is going crazy because they just moved…) our dossier is registered with the country of Nepal! It is quite a process getting it to the country, but that part is done.
Knowing it is in their hands now makes me feel much, much better.
But, of course there is still NO movement of children in Nepal. We have been pondering trying Rwanda at the same time…. we are still thinking!
Otherwise, it’s been a nice summer! It is wonderful to be home with River, but we have been having some trials with sharing, and hitting. Ick. Any ideas from seasoned moms would be appreciated! Today, we are going to head up to the Boundry waters for a couple nights of camping. Should be fun!
Below is a pic from yesterday with Thomas the train. Fun times, till we had to leave because of another sharing incident! Oh well, it was great while it lasted!


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