Things are moving… in many ways!

Well, finally there is some movement on the Nepal front. FINALLY they appointed another Minister of Women and Children. This has been the major hold up with the adoptions. Also, on Monday 3 families that got referrals in May finally got approval to travel and I think many of them left today. You wonder how I know this, and all I have to say is I LOVE the blogging world. 🙂

So, who knows when this whole adoption thing is going to happen, especially since we are pondering a dossier for Rwanda. Hmmmm… so much to think about!

Also, River has started back at daycare full time, which has been quite a change for all of us! I do miss hanging out with him everyday, and am looking forward to this upcoming weekend in Colorado with some family. He is very full of personality, jokes and WORDS. He still seems to have a hard time doing complete sentences, it’s more like “I ahhhhh… teetertotter ehhh… daycare”. It’s mighty cute!

He is working better with other kids and although still doesn’t like to share, is doing much better at it! We also have been working on sitting at the dinner table the WHOLE time while eating. (at least kyle and I:) He struggles with this one, but the other day, I guess kyle and river were eating and when River was done  kyle put him down but said that dada was still eating. At that point River sat down and just started wailing, and when kyle asked him what was wrong, he screamed, “Eat dada, Eat!!!”

Well, at least he gets the point!

So, before I go, below is the good news from nepal from a very good source….

wish us luck! we could use all the positive thoughts you can muster up!


Cabinet expansion: 2 Madhesi ministers sworn-in

Kantipur Report KATHMANDU , Sept 2 – The cabinet has been expanded for the sixth time on Wednesday with the induction of representatives from the Madhes-based parties. Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal inducted two ministers, one assistant minister and six ministers of state.

He administered the oath of office and secrecy to Sarbadev Ojha of the Madhesi Janadikar Forum- Loktantrik (MJF-L) and Laxman Lal Karna of the Sadbhawana Party

Ojha has been sworn-in as the Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, while Karna the Minister without portfolio

Ojha took the oath in Nepali language and Karna in Hindi, amidst a ceremony at the President’s Office in the presence of President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.


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