Now, although we are still far down the list for adoptions in Nepal, it IS moving and people seem to constantly be traveling and getting referrals for their children. To be exact we are technically #270 of around 350-400 people waiting to adopt. Now in the end, this number means very little because people in front and behind us are requesting many different types of children, some older, some male, etc. We are pretty specific since we are only asking for an infant girl (well, we can only adopt a girl from Nepal since we already have River- you can only adopt an opposite gender child if you already have a child). At this point, I know they are trying to get the older children adopted first which I believe is a great idea, but hopefully soon  there will be more infants going out, so then we will get a little bit closer to our time.

So while preparing for this child I am thinking ahead to when we go to Kathmandu to finally meet her and see the place that she has been living for the first part of her life. While looking at websites talking about Nepal and their children, my mind has been thinking about what I can do for these kids that might not get a family to go home to. I know I will feel so much sadness for the children we will leave behind and hope I can leave them with something to help them in life. So while pondering this I contacted my agency to ask them what they think I can do, and how I can contribute to the children of Nepal once I arrive, and then leave. Their answer was pretty simple, but one that is hard for many in these harsh economic times- money. Their suggestion was to bring some money, and once we arrive in Nepal, find out what is needed from the orphanage where our daughter is at, and then use the money to help buy necessities- books, clothes, etc. when in country. So not only will these children benefit from these basic gifts, but the Nepalese economy will too.

So, although our time to meet our daughter may be many, many months away (hopefully not:) I am soon going to talk with my bank and see if there is a way to set up a fund where people, if they like, can contribute towards helping the orphanage and the people of Nepal.

Keep posted- I will give the information soon! Thank you for considering helping these children!




One thought on “Preparation

  1. I am a first time mother. My son is now 8 months old and he is the joy of my life. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to find time to spend with him. My husband and I both work at Narconon drug rehab and he goes to a nanny five days a week. We are at work more than we are with him. How do first time mothers get to where they feel like they are spending enough time with their baby? I feel like he is going to know the nanny better than his own mother. Is this how it is supposed to be?

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